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Human Resources

" Human Resources Professional " Organization Development in Practice

Human Resources
  • 33 Hours
  • 19/02/2023
  • CodeZone

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Overview :

With the increasing need for specialized training programs in the field of human resources management and its various functions, and despite the provision of many specialized programs at the hands of professionals in the field of human resources, but most of the programs that have been offered are directed to beginners and there are no specialized programs for professionals or those with limited experience in the field except accredited international programs, which prompted us to direct part of the training efforts in this direction with the "Human Resources Professional Certificate, enhance your impact as a successful human resources professional" in your organization under conditions of uncertainty and lack of current situation so this course is designed to cover this lack of content in the market and to raise the efficiency and professionalism of practitioners of the human resources function

Course Content

  • Strategic Planning (Building the Strategic Plan)
    1. Environment Scan (indoor and outdoor)
    2. Strategy formulation (vision / mission / values)
    3. Strategy Implementation
    4. Evaluation and strategy control
  • Analysis and job descriptions
    1. Reasons for functional analysis
    2. Information obtained from functional analysis.
    3. Steps of functional analysis
    4. Functional Analysis Outputs
    5. Methods of functional analysis.
    6. Problems facing the functional analyst.
  • Functional structures
    1. What is an institution.
    2. What is the functional structure and its types.
    3. The relationship of the structure to the culture of the enterprise.
    4. Terms and conditions of the job structure.
    5. Structure drawing programs.
  • Performance Management
    1. Fundamentals of Performance Management
    2. Performance Appraisal Methods
    3. How to deal with possible assessment methods
    4. The difference between performance management and performance measurement
    5. The institution's slow scorecard.
    6. Performance Indicators
  • Employee experience and succession
    1. What is the experience of employees
    2. Employee Experience Stages
    3. The impact of experiences on the company
    4. How to design and plan the employee experience
    5. What is meant by succession. Objectives and role of succession
  • The most important human resources tools and measures
    1. The difference between measurement, metrics and analysis
    2. Strategic HR Management Tools
    3. HR Balanced Scorecard
    4. The most important metrics and their uses.
  • HR Audit & Special Reporting
    1. Audit procedures and types
    2. Objectives and purpose of the audit.
    3. Audit forms and submitted report
    4. Types of reports for human resources
  • Evaluation and discussion of projects

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