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Managing the Future

Management,ERP,Digital Transformation
  • 48 Hours
  • 14/01/2023
  • CodeZone

1000 USD

Overview :

Installing the Digital Transformation Mindset in the hands of the Management Team Technology and Digital Transformation are the key word in all discussions of the business C-Suit for 3 decades and seemingly for decades to come. Despite the millions invested in DT and ERP Projects, and despite all the years wasted in vain, companies utilize ONLY 10% of technology capabilities, if reached it successfully at all!! Global research has distilled reasons for failing Digital Transformation and ERP projects and found that it all SKILLS and competencies of the orbit around the management TEAMS training on

Course Content

  • Why Take this Training Program?
    1. management necessity in the business today.
    2. As a key person in the firm you will possess a great source of leadership on the organizational, professional and personal fronts.
    3. Leaders and managers will be able to understand, scheme and practice cross-functioning activities across the organization.
    4. Having the Digital Transformation mindset opens a huge gate of opportunities to the business
  • Investing in the future of the business, your company will need this course if:
    1. If you are about to spend millions on a new management system of (ER-Functional Systems Open Sources)
    2. If you have a delayed ERP System project. You MUST move now to save your Investment before it's gone forever with a great probability of damaging your organization ability to accept new technologies
    3. If you are eager to save millions by ensuring successful digital transformation projects throughout the coming decades by implanting the desks and knowledge in your management team
    4. If you are planning to upgrade to a new management technology and eager to guarantee success and time commitment of the new project
  • Introduction and Important Definitions
  • Highlights and Concepts of the Management Information Systems
  • Designing the System (the Quadro Approach
  • Understanding and managing Technology and Digital Transformation is a crucial skill and management necessity in the business today. As a key person in the firm you will possess a great of leadership on the organizational, professional, and personal fronts
  • ERP Systems from Idea to Project Implementation
  • Road map to a successful ERP system project
  • Basic Local Digital Tools and Applications
  • Concepts used in the Business World

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