CodeZone Academy
Sales Managment

Strategic Selling

  • 30 Hours
  • 05/02/2023
  • Codezone Academy

2500 LE 5000 LE

Discount 50%

Overview :

During this course, you will learn how to become a successful salesperson, starting from how to communicate with customers in a way that suits each individual customer and how to showcase the benefits of your product until the successful completion of the deal and also analyze your sales to discover the most successful route and follow it later

Course Content

  • Role & qualification of sales person
  • Analyze & Profile your customers effectively
  • Segmentation and targeting right customers
  • Different marketing strategies/directions
  • Identify and utilize customer buying motives
  • Buying / Adoption stages (Maturity ladder)
  • Communication & Personality styles: Criteria of each style
  • Prospecting markets, customers, competitors
  • Analysis & Planning
  • Approaching your customer
  • Questioning techniques
  • Product Feature/Benefit
  • Handling responses
  • Closing the deal/call
  • Post sales Analysis
  • Feedback , Reporting

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