Jun 19, 2020 5:57 PM

CodeZone is proud of its teamwork

CodeZone is proud of its teamwork
The Corona crisis began and the fears began to grow at all levels, large, small and medium-sized enterprises. Ideas began intuitively to the operation expenses entity and how to reduce it, among its most important items are wages and salaries. The talk about downsizing or laying off also began to bring all the ideas for Downsizing. CodeZone is one of the companies working in the labor market for ten years in the field of software and as the other companies; some decisions should be taken to deal with the current situation that increases the risks. With God’s Permission, and after a lot of brainstorming and thinking at all levels of the company, the important question arose: Why don't we take advantage of this crisis positively? Rather than reducing the amount of work or salaries, we tend to maximize the benefit from the current conditions, and conversely, to reach the best levels of profitability and customer satisfaction through the current teamwork, and also to seek the help of increasing the work force over time.
I will set out what happened during the last brief period to you with pleasure:
1- A clear and explicit decision was taken from the first day not to prejudice the wages and salaries but rather, the salaries were paid before its time.
2- A decision was made to transfer the company’s work method to work from home to all members of the teamwork, especially since the company’s work field allows to.
3- Coordination and communication with the company's customers was made in full transparency and assurance that the company has a means that does not violate any technical or administrative obligations.
4- A meeting was held with the complete teamwork, formulating a vision for the next stage, and activating all means of effective communication between the teamwork and between the customers and teamwork.
5- The operation plan was formulated taking into account the resort to tasks that were somewhat deferred due to the work pressure and the completion of field visits.
6- The working methodology was officially announced on the company's official page on social media and on the website during the coming period.
7- Most of the employees’ devices are laptops, but for the employees working on the DESKTOP devices of the company, these devices have been moved to their homes to work from home with the same capabilities of the company’s device and the same files and data.
Since 23/03/2020 till the date of these words, I will review our accomplishments with you:
1- Completion of the new design of the company's ERP system in full, including the main interface and all the internal pages, in aesthetic and impressive way, about a month before the planned implementation date.
2- The fully completion of the new user guide for all pages of the system professionally and subject to all means of review, which made the user guide effective, useful and available to all customers.
3- Only during Ramadan, more than 200 educational videos of the CodeZone system were produced, available to the company's customers on the YouTube channel.
4- During the last period, all new customers were trained on CodeZone systems online, existing customers were also included in such lectures, through which the videos that were mentioned during the previous point were also recorded. The number of lectures has reached 25 lectures in different fields.
5- Technical support has been provided, whether for new or existing customers, by communication through Zoom app or WhatsApp, and dealing with over 85% of the required tasks.
6- The actual operation of three new projects was carried out by communication through WhatsApp, and this process was facilitated by the presence of explanatory videos of the system, which were produced during the current period. This is great if you know.
7- The development of one of the new systems, the credit facility system, has been completed.
8- The development management plan works efficiently and deals with the requests of different customers. What helped us in this is having all the work on the company's main server, and so the work does not require the presence of the development team members in the company.
9- During Ramadan, Fawazir CodeZone was organized for the third year without any affection of the current period, despite the effort to organize, collect and review, that’s why the quiz came out in a distinctive way.
10- The first phase of the new project plan of CodeZone, a project in the health sector away from ERP systems, has been completed and the first phase has been successfully completed. It is expected to announce the new project during 2020, God willing.
In short, the company’s systems have now become more sophisticated and organized after this brief period, and they have been supported by all educational methods, whether explanation or videos are easily accessible within the system, and the teamwork became more cohesive and loving after the success and good communication that took place in the previous period.
So, wait for CodeZone during the upcoming period to be more powerful and connected.
And say, "Do [as you will], for Allāh will see your deeds, and [so will] His Messenger and the believers. And you will be returned to the Knower of the unseen and the witnessed, and He will inform you of what you used to do."
CodeZone is really proud of its teamwork.