Sep 12, 2019 5:00 PM

Financial Managers Workshop

Financial Managers Workshop
Thanks to God, the financial managers workshop was successfully completed yesterday and the day was very productive and many important functions and reports were reviewed and discussed.
(I) financial system settings
(2) Control tools for Financial Managers
(3) Discuss new updates
(4) financial statements through CodeZone systems
(5) Important analytical reports
(6) Agreement on the process of controlling financial balances to ensure the issuance of controlled financial statements
We were honored in the presence of distinguished ladies and gentlemen
Mr. Khaled Gaber - Egyptian Consulting Group
Mr. Mohamed Gamal - Financial Manager - Abu Tair Restaurant
Prof. Iman - Financial Management - Abu Tair Restaurant
Mr. Mohamed Fathy - Financial Manager - Nada Medical Company
Mr. Mohamed Ramadan - Financial Management - Nada Medical Company
Mr. Wael Shoukry - Financial Manager - Al Thaghr Specialized Hospital
Mr. Karim - Financial Management - Thaghr Specialized Hospital
Ms. Hadeel Emad - Head of Finance Department- Al Safwa Eye Center
Mr. Ahmed Shaaban - Financial Management - Al Safwa Eye Center
Mr. Alaa Abdel Rahman - Financial Manager- Nozha Hospital
Mr. Mohamed Ahmed Mahmoud - Financial Manager - Iqbal Hospital
Mr. Wael Sedky - Head of Finance Department - Virgin Mary Hospital
Mr. Khalid Sharkas - Head of Finance Department - Al-Reyada Hospital

Sincerely thanks to the team for the good preparation, especially Mr. Mohamed Mahmoud responsible for the financial system
We promise you more workshops