PeopleZone is a Comprehensive solution for your organization to manage all your Human Resources Processes (Recruitment-Selection-Hiring-Personnel -Time & Attendance -Performance Management - Training and Payroll)

Focus on Your Mission while we focus on your HR

Through using our software you will have a chance to meets the basic needs for human resources department in handling all time and attendance procedure as well as Personnel procedures. Your employees can manage their personnel information, submit and view their working schedule and actual working hours, request leaves and view its approval, manage their documents in cooperation with HR staff. It is your first step to automate all your human resources activities.and when you need to handle your Payroll we will be there ,through our software you will be ready to keep track of payroll-related expenses and employment taxes. You can manage payroll calculation rules, and pay employees according to their payroll classes and seniority level. you will have the benefit of integrating time and attendance with your payroll data to pay employees according to their attendance and save your staff time. do not forget that our software will help you in managing the process of attracting, assessing and recruiting the best talent and ensuring they understand what is expected of them, assess their performance, providing them with feedback and helping them does better. You can conduct a Training Needs Assessment, Create a Training Plan including employees, Trainers and facilities schedules and records any training activities. You can also identifying internal people with the potential to fill key leadership positions in your organization and record all data required to develop these people.

Increase Productivity within your HR department

PeopleZone can automate a huge number of HR functions,we have many examples such as automating the process of recruitment and selection also submiting the financial entry of Payroll sheet . By doing so, you free up your HR Staff to focus on other issues like attracting new hires and employee training strategies.

Reduced Errors

Human error can result in serious complications both financial and legal. but PeopleZone will reduces the amount of error to a bare minimum by automating the most common processes such as payroll information

Cost Saving

by using our HR System the return on investment is far greater from the amount of time saved, errors reduced and new business and staff acquired , your staff will have enough time to do thier duties with a high quality

Enforce Compliance

you will be sure that all employees in all levels will follow your company rules and procedures. This helps to prevent mistakes, disagreements, and other issues that could cost your company money.

high level of Security for your HR Information

all your employees information should always be protected such personal information or payroll information we will ensures all personal data and employee record remain secure according to our security levels in our software


Build your Organization Structure

Analyze your jobs and Positions

Build your Salary Structure and HR Budget

Smart Recruitment & Selection Tools

automated Process for job offers

Complete Cycle for Time & Attendance

Complete Cycle for Training Administration

Complete Cycle for Performance Management

Employee Self-Service

" ask about our smart feature " Employee Self-Service which provides an opportunity to re-Engineer workflows in order to reduce the routine administrative tasks for both managers and HR Staff. Your employees will have the ability to view, add, and update Personnel information such as full Name, Date of Birth, Nationality, Religion, Blood Type also he /she can Submit all requests ( leave request , overtime , loan …………….) .and do not forget they also have the ability to view and verify all payroll and compensation information related to them …. And other many function in this great feature.

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