23 Apr 24 08:00 AM

At the First Arab Nutri Youth Summit, CodeZone Encourage Innovations

CodeZone is excited to announce its participation in the "1st Arab Nutriyouth
Summit" on April 19th, held at the Greek Campus in Cairo. This event is the
first of its kind in Egypt, gathering a large number of nutrition doctors from
across the Middle East under the supervision of Dr. Nelly Shams who is a
clinical nutrition and public health consultant, and organized by QUARTZ
Event Solution.
The Arab Nutriyouth Summit aims to provide a platform for participants
interested in nutrition consultations. By promoting innovation and
entrepreneurship in nutrition, the event provides budding dietitians with

valuable insights and networking opportunities. With a commitment to
supporting programs that foster creativity and entrepreneurship and aiming
to see the impressive achievements of the young dietitians who attend this
The event featured a diverse range of discussions, panels, and workshops
that covered various topics related to nutrition. There were also content
creation and networking sessions that were specifically designed for aspiring
nutritionists. With the participation of more than ten Companies and
associations in different areas of expertise, the event served as a great
platform for collaboration, idea exchange, and mutual learning.
Among them, CodeZone made a distinctive impression by showcasing their
products, MYELIN and CodeZone Academy, and offering a valuable system
for purchase, which can significantly benefit doctors. The system is designed
to save doctors time and effort, making it an indispensable tool for their daily
CodeZone's innovative approach to healthcare technology has the potential
to revolutionize the industry, and their participation at the event was a clear
indication of their commitment to advancing the field.
The Arab Nutriyouth Summit inspired creativity and innovation among
aspiring healthcare professionals. CodeZone was honored to be a part of this
transformative journey, and we look forward to witnessing the remarkable
achievements of these young nutritionists who are poised to shape the
future of healthcare.