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It was a good opportunity to start our journey toward digital transformation in order to achieve full digitalization and paperless hospital at the same time of your startup toward developing your application to serve healthcare sector. We establish good cooperation together, achieving good result and still have more ambitious targets to achieve.
You are talent people and promising company, and although the technology race is running fast and fast, but you can be one of the big players in the market by doing hard effort and continuous improvement.

Good luck

Dr.Salah Eldin Elbahrawy

Hospital Director - Mabrat Alasafra Gharb

CodeZone is considered as one of the promising and reputable companies, whereas we “El-Ekbal hospital” had a pioneering experience with it, since we took it upon ourselves with the help of CodeZone in the operation system of “codezone” from the beginning without resorting to paper- based system as it was a rich and reputable experience, during which we received all support, monitoring and patience with our mistakes in the system, the inexperience of the new staff, the speed of changing the staff, since the hospitals are characterized by a rapid rate of changing the staff, since this experience had been for five years and it is still going on up to this day, and we wish them success and prevalence and more of solidarity for them in the future.

Dr. Abdel Azeem Abdelaal

Hospital Director of El- Eqbal Hospital

On scope , very accurate , very professional .
The know the meaning of HRIS

Mr.Mohamed El Derwy

Managing Director at Target Recruitment & HR Solutions

We Greatly appreciate your efforts in Sahla Hospital in both fields IT SERVICES AND HIS
it much facilitated our job so facilitating too much our complicated jobs
your starting efforts in training our staff and your continued supervision much contributed to our success
thanks , thanks thanks

Dr.Salah Abd Rabo

Chairman - New Sahla Hospital

We recommend Code Zone as a powerful Enterprise resource planning (ERP) System in Healthcare industry, we have a very good positive experience with Code Zone, it copes with our operational and reporting needs .

Thanks Code Zone for providing such valuable Asset.

Keep on

Dr.Osama Maher

Hospital Director of Al-Waha International Hospital

Codezone one of the company that its improvement journey should be shared between SOFTWARE COMPANIES
Great Management support and Believers in improving THEIR work to INCREASE customer SATISFACTION
Willing to study and practice any new technology that will help them to succeed
They were pioneer to implement DevOps pipeline in SME
It was my pleasure to lead process improvement initiative @ CodeZone
Wish you all the best and keep up good work

Reham Saleh

Quality Expert - Software Engineering Competence Center (SECC)

Success is no accident.CodeZone team represents to me a symphony of success, characterized by the awareness and flexibility of the Labour market in various sectors and my experience with them " in the new Sahla Hospital in Alexandria and Al Waha Hospital in Cairo " reflect a success story by all measures and I wish them the best success as much as they deserve."

Dr. Shams Eldin Elgammal

Chief Executive Officer of Smart Healthcare Solutions

CodeZone really does stand out among the web developers that are around today.

We’ve wasted a huge amount of time, effort and money on developers who couldn’t see the project through or lacked our own personal vision or the ability to get things done.
Working with CodeZone opened our eyes to what was possible, both in terms of programming ability and also an incredible level of customer service. When made promises to meet deadlines, each one was met without breaking a sweat

Their customer support team is excellent and always there to help when needed.
If we need another software we will not hesitate to request it from CodeZone

Mr.Mohamed Fathy

Financial Manager at Nada Medical Company

A great and difficult journey and many challenges that you have successfully passed since the beginning of cooperation
With them in 2012 I wish them to always get success and continuous progress

Eng.Mohamed Abo Taleb

IT Manager At Mabaret Al-asafra West

The management of ZamZam hospital congratulates CodeZone company, its owners and managers on initiating its new website on the internet, and we hope it will be one of the steps of their blessed road of improving their selves, and continuation to excellence and excelsior, and we genuinely witness how they were very helpful and the best support for the hospital in the past four years, to establish the principle of professionally in "hospital information system ", and the top of the fruitful positive cooperation to overcome the operational constraints, and to be tolerant and patient with the cadres of workers in the hospital during receiving their training, and understand the details of the operation, and to have the flexibility of forming technical support groups which meets the requirements of the development and sophistication stages of the hospital's services, and we hope that there will be more development and creation to align our evolving requirements of the operation systems , as we knew them of the their cooperation, and fulfillment of their obligations.

Dr. Walid El Rayes

Chairman-Zamzam Hospital

Codezone has always been a perfect supporter of ASITA Association and its activities. This comes from Codezone eagerness to support the IT industry as a whole with the experience of its team in areas of process improvement and solutions development.
We do recommend it as your most influential success partner as they do value integrity, process and quality.

Shimaa Abd-Elaziz

Executive Director at ASITA

Heartfelt thanks and appreciations for the efforts exerted by CodeZone company in developing and applying the MYELIN management system of hospitals in such way that enables us as a management the facility of planning, organizing and taking the best decisions that elevate the establishment to achieve its profitable and productive goals, we also recommend the role of MYELIN system in putting clearer visions for the entity before our eyes, with the possibility of the rapid accessibility to the active information at the level of the establishment and achieving the integration and the compatibility among the different managements.

Dr.Ashraf Taher

Hospital Director - New Sahla Hospital

Code Zone by far is one of the best companies in ERP systems in health care, the team who works there are very professional and always up to date, they work with passion and dedication.. thank you codezone and as el thagher managing director i highly recommend codezone.

Mr. Mazen Fathy

Vice President at ‎El Thagher Hospital

CodeZone is a company wants to develop itself and its customers .CodeZone characterized by flexibility and responsiveness
we hope for CodeZone Team further development and progress and to be an international Company

Mr.Mohamed Gamal

Financial Manager - Abu Tair Restaurant and Iphone Team Company

From the year 2012 until now "CodeZone" was able to find its way between the hospital information systems (HIS) companies, accept the challenge and Moving up day by day
I'm very happy about your company and always. Congratulations to the well-deserved success

Eng. Ahmed Ragab

IT Manager At Mabret Al Asafra Hospital

The management of EL- Ryada El- Ibrahimiya hospital would like sincerely thank CodeZone management and its staff for your conduct, cooperation and promptly fulfilling our needs and requests of your own system, and We take the opportunity to express our sincere congratulations to you for your fruitful developments which serve the program users, wishing them long termed success.

Eng.Magdy El-Refay

Chairman-Al-Ryadah Al-Ibrahimia Hospital

As i have been asked to give a feedback about CodeZone hospital system
I would like to till that it it is a very good system as regards its technology and it is full filling the criteria that i need to run the hospital and it is easy to use. I can till it is a comparable system to those international systems that i worked with before and also i checked their medical record system and i found that it is excellent as compared to others.
My concern about that system is the long time to take to respond from their technical support department for a request and sometimes they forget the requests. I hope to overcome this problem.
I wish Code Zone team all the best and give up good work.
Thank you
Dr. Ahmad Elsayed
G.M of AlNozha Specialist Hospital, Alexandria,Egypt

Dr. Ahmed Elsayed

General Manager Of Al Nozha Specialist Hospital

CodeZone company, the nascent giant company is a company that reached the prospects of the quality of its products, it is company that designed programs used in all aspects not only for hospitals, it is a company that has the advantage of the reputable technical support and researches and continuous development by reputable management and working team that I cooperated with in numerous projects as an Egyptian consultancy group for accounting and revision, thanks to Allah all of these projects were successful, knowing that i'm not allowed to testify because of my respect for CodeZone company with all its members and affiliates, since I believe in it when I nominate it to any client.

Mr.Khaled Gaber

Managing Director at Egyptian consultancy group

i hope always see you from success to success and we wish to the company codezone all the progress and success and really proud of your support and your presence with us always at the Global Radiology Center
Good luck

Dr. Mahmoud Ghaleb

Director - Global Radiology Center

One of the best Software companies in the medical field
Good luck always and it is better for better

Dr.Krollos Ezat

Chairman -Saint Karas Medical Center

Let me introduce myself, I’m Muhammad Abd- Al wahab,the owner of I-phone team company , and Abou Tair restaurant, first of all I would like the working team of CodeZone company for their effort in serving and supporting their clients. Because when a problem or a bug occurred, we find the technical support is keeping in touch with us until the problem is being solved, in my point of view this is an important thing that we need while dealing with any company, since I dealt with two companies before but unfortunately they didn’t have the enough care or the fast support, secondly the efficiency of the program and the rapidity of response that I found during dealing with company that I sincerely thank them for their work, and wish them to go on at the same level of success.

Mr. Mohamed Abd Elwahab

Owner Of The Company I- Phone Team

Misir Al Mahaba hospital is considered to be the first hospital to deal with Code Zone hospital in the upper Egypt, in fact it was something special to choose this company, the most significant things of it, the power of technical support team, the power of the system, solving the problems rapidly, the flexibility in making modifications to customization system which gives a great power to the system. When you ask for any modifications to the system for the services of the hospital, you find the whole team responds starting from the customer support until the great team arrives the great team of developers in the company, which I consider them as of the best software engineers that I worked with, and without forgetting the of implementation engineers that their presence and support is considered as a fundamental reason in solving any problem that may happen to the system while being operated, our their ideas that changes the ideology of the staff and leads to achieve fundamental modifications in the work sessions inside the different departments of the hospital, which in turn leads to elevate the level of their performance, and elevate the technical level of the of the staffs their selves. The Myelin system of hospitals covers all the departments of the hospital entirely, since it includes reports that enable any manager of any department to be aware of everything that is happening inside the department. The most important characteristic of the company is the way how deal and solve the problems quickly, and this makes a difference with any establishment, because the promptly technical support is the most important characteristic of any system, and all of this is considered as a major strength of the company. One of the things that encourages you to deal with Code Zone company is the continuous development of the system, and updating the system continuously and for free, these advantages are very important and make a difference with any establishment in developing the performance inside the hospital. I would like to thank the team of the company for the recent period, and will continue to work together in the future stronger than we began.

Eng.Basem Adel

IT Manager Maser Al-Mahaba Hospital

codezone is a leading software company through its various applications
During the five years of work in the hospital turnout has been the application of codezone systems in all sections of the hospital fully and very successful from the productive experiences on the practical and personal level
The company is characterized by hard work on the development of its systems and the development of means of communication to its customers through a team of competent and respectful
We wish you continued progress and success

Eng. Eman Hedia

IT Manager At El- Eqbal Hospital

For almost fifteen years I have been working in accounting I was employed in accounting offices, fright forward companies, hotels, agencies and offshore companies . I have traveled to three Arab countries other than my work in Egypt
I was employed as an accountant, as a senior accountant, auditor and internal auditor
Then as a chief accountant and accounts manager, I have worked on more than 6 different accounting systems,
I have not found a more flexible accounting system more than Code Zone. It is an integrated system that connects all parties of the company to each other. The system ensures that you cover all your needs from different reports and from different input methods. The system is extremely flexible. In Code Zone you can add or edit everything you need in reports or input methods. My work over 6 years with Code Zone as an Accounts Manager in a company working in the field of marine and petroleum services and maritime agencies and offshore, as a company with trade and service activities I nominate Code Zone as an accounting system and stores and purchases system and human resources and employees affairs for everyone who works and is interested in accounting. Also, we could not forget the role of Code Zone in the ongoing technical support at any time and all the time. Eng. Mohamed Youssef and the whole team provide continuous technical support in the finest ways of dealing. Thank you Code Zone team

Mr. Ahmed Abd El Rehim

Chief Accountant of Sepia Offshore

I met CodeZone company's working team in 2018, on occasion of activating the hospital information system in Shifa specialized hospital in fifth settlement in Cairo, and from the practical experience of 25 years in health- care sector in Egypt, that I went through and dealed with more than one system, and with numerous of Egyptian, Arab and foreign teams, I can say that CodeZone company, and as much as its newness in area of information technology ,it is a promising company, the work team has the advantage of being motivated to prove their selves, besides they are of a high respect and professionally, and being open- minded to deal with the experiences of the clients representatives, thereby promoting the development of the company's applications, I expect the very best for its future.

Mr. Hussein Osman

Hospital Management Consultant

we would like to thank you for your affective cooperation in establishing and operating the accounting system and the required technique to guarantee the quality and precise of the necessary income cycle to provide the best systematic level, and we really appreciate developing the all ways to find fundamental solutions for the challenges that we may face.

Dr.Sherif Hamdy

Director of Business Development and Contracting At Shifa Hospital

Code Zone is one of the best ERP System I used. My team used in in two hospitals, It has 4 main advantage :
1- Suitable for health-care industry.
2- Professional HR mudle.
3.Very good automated emailed reporting system specialy for higher Management.
4- Interactive team that cope our dynamic needs
Thanks for Code Zone team

Dr. Walid Al-Wakeel

Board Member & HR Manager -of Smart Healthcare Solutions

It is an honor for us to work with a company such as your company and your tireless working team over the years wishing you success and more progress, you’re distinguished and deserve to be better.

Eng. Fathy Ahmed

General Manager of Maintenance In The Egyptian Import Office

Code Zone is one of the best companies that we deal with them . CodeZone is a respected company and its support was and still very good and we are proud to deal with you

Marwa Abdel Meged

HR Specialist-Agial Hospital

CodeZone program is a special, simple and easy program for anyone to be used, it is suitable for any place to be operated inside, because it is a flexible program that has the ability to accommodate the requirement of any client putting aside of his activity, his screens are designed tailored to our needs and the nature of our work, in respect of the contracts and the claims it facilitates a lot of works because the screens are linked together, and the functions are granted to each one according to his position and specialization, this reduces an error to be occurred in the program, and guarantees access to positive and accurate results, the existence of a various set of reports helps any user obtain any results that the user requires, and leads to make a control of the management.

Nadia Mousa

Contract & Claim Department -Safwa Laser Vision Center

We are pleased that we have a accounting system from CodeZone because you will see a big difference when you have a system from a respectable company such as Codezone

Mr . Ahmed Khalil

Financial Manager -MRM GROUP

Nozha Hospital was honored to contract with codezone for four years
We recommend companies and hospitals that work without ERP System to be their first goal as soon as is to activate the ERP System because of its usefulness in the interest of the facility financially and organizationally

Eng.Mohamed El Banna

IT Manager At Nozha Hospital

CodedZone company has a friendly and flexible group of software engineers who are always ready to develop, the trainees the chose are qualified and they are always keeping in touch with the clients, each one of them who is in charge for his task is qualified enough to know what his task needs.

Salma Ahmed

HR Section Head

From my experience during dealing with CodeZone company and hospitals, CodeZone changed most of the hospitals that I worked with, it always provides us with new ideas for the coming events, it always accommodates As many problems as possible that it can solve easily by updating the system, the people′s ideas are always put under consideration, there is always a development of the company and the way of dealing with client, without any doubt the name of CodeZone company became well- known in the field of the hospitals systems especially and in the other fields in general, I wish them more advancement and development.

Mr.Hassan Sobhy

Accountant At Elsafwa Laser Vision Center

Heartfelt thanks for CodeZone company the pioneering giant company in programming field, I consider it one of the best companies in the hospitals fields and the companies fields. CodeZone company was conceived giant to compete for the first place. The working team of Code Zone is excellent and cooperative. We sincerely thank those who are responsible for the technical support, the technical support section that I consider it as a big move to Code Zone company. We thank the staff members of the company in respect of heldinf the conferences and the workshops that are held every period of time to revise the important updating that have been done.

Mr. Wael Sedky

Head of Finance Department - Mary Hospital

We would thank all CodeZone staff and managers for your dealings with El- Thaghr specialized hospital for your programs and special services, we would like to thank you for the program as it contains facility and accessibility of moving between all modules of the program, and the internal control provisions to all works of the documentary session for the works of medicines warehouses and the medical supplies, etc. and determining the cost of the warehouses precisely, and the multiplicity and diversity of reports to define the items included and excluded, and the volume of transactions with suppliers, and the replacement system, etc. the program also helps to search easier in the cases of the patients starting from the patient enters until preparing the invoices, as well as preparing monthly report for each client which contains monthly claims and the payment of claims cash or checks. The interior control of the patients' invoices should be firmed by closing the invoices and not to be opened, only for genuine reasons through defined persons by the management. The possibility of preparing monthly report for each supplier for the volume of leverage and monthly payment, and the provision of tax data, and (pay-as-you-go) system for each transaction, and preparing cost centers precisely for all the department of the hospital.

Mr. Wael Shoukry

Financial Manager At Al-Thaghr Hospital

codezone System is one of the best systems i work and deal with it .and the best team I worked with them. the honor of me that I am a customer of codezone and participated in the work with them

Basma Shabaan

HR Section Head - El- Eqbal Hospital

Abu Hindia Group is pleased to extend our sincere thanks and appreciation to CodeZone for the successful cooperation to reach an integrated financial and accounting system and wish you continued success .
We also sincerely thank the CodeZone team for their prompt response and constant communication to solve any Problems

Mr.Mohamed ElSayed

Financial Manager -Abu Hendia Dream

Dawaa International Company for Pharmaceutical Industries has the sincere thanks and appreciation to codezone for its specialized systems, good cooperation and quick response in solving the company's problems.

Mr.Amr Mohamed

Financial Manager -Dawaa International Company

We are " Al tabakh Egypt for import and export agricultural products" Thank CodeZone for the Provided services and good support of CodeZone team with us and meet all our requirements for the program and we wish you continued success

Mr. Taha Allam

Financial Manager- Al Tabakh Company