04 Apr 23 06:00 AM

Our Latest Customers - Dawi Clinics

One of the largest medical institutions in Egypt, with 16 branches throughout the country, has signed a contract for a human resources management system. As a second contract with Dawi Clinics, they have partnered with CodeZone for the strongest medical system, "Myelin" offered by CodeZone. We are honored to have the trust of such a major medical institution like Dawi Clinics

The Myelin system for managing hospitals and medical institutions provides comprehensive solutions for managing medical, financial, and administrative operations effectively and intelligently. It aims to improve the patient experience and increase the efficiency of medical operations in the hospital. The system can also help reduce costs and improve productivity.

We thank dawi clinics for its trust in CodeZone, and we look forward to achieving positive results for the hospital. We are committed to providing the necessary support and delivering innovative and high-quality solutions to all our clients."