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Throughout 12 years of striving to satisfy our customers and provide the best level of service, we have been with more than 150 clients to the success zone, We contributed to the development of the largest and most powerful ERP Systems, and we were among the pioneers of hospital information system , And we changed the concept of human resources management through the latest technologies, we were distinguished by flexibility in our systems that suit all our customers ,We have issued a set of programs that keep pace with the needs of our customers, namely: Myelin system for managing hospitals and healthcare entities, I-Zone system for the management of commercial and manufacturing organizations with all their specialization and all forms of control, PeopleZone system, which is the program that made the latest move in the management of human resources for companies, CRM system to manage customers and improve the level of customer service and maintain the rate of sales growth, The last of them is the E-Invoice system with the fastest implementation process from the first day of contracting and conforming to the standards of the Tax Authority and with all price plans suitable for customers.

01MYELINHospital Information System

Myelin is a hospital management information system designed to manage the work of medical, administrative and financial cycle in hospitals. Myelin helps to transfer work style within these hospitals from the traditional paper-based methods to modern technological methods to save time and efforts to raise productivity and the profitability

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02I-ZONEEnterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Fully integrated ERP SYSTEM modular in design and can be expanded to meet your growing business needs; therefore it can match any budget size, we designed our system to manage Main processes in any organization it include 3 main solutions( Supply Chain -Finance - Human Resources)

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03PeopleZoneHuman Resources Management System

PeopleZone is a Comprehensive solution for your organization to manage all your Human Resources Processes (Recruitment-Selection-Hiring-Personnel -Time & Attendance -Performance Management - Training and Payroll)

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04CRMCustomer relationship management (CRM)

help your organization in improving customer service relationships and assisting in customer retention and driving sales growth .by our software all your customer information and documents will be into a single database so your staff can more easily access and manage it.

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05E-InvoiceE Invoicing System

Electronic invoice is the process of replacing the paper invoice with all the problems and obstacles associated with it into a digital document that has specific characteristics through which both parties to the commercial process guarantee their rights and also guarantees the freedom to save and exchange those data between the financiers and the Egyptian Tax Authority

You can now start for free and work on it immediately for 14 days with a maximum of 50 invoices.

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About CodeZone Software Development Process

We implement a combination between Scrum and Kanban agile methodologies to develop our systems .In 2017 we participated in a Software Process improvement (SPI) program at The Software Engineering Competence Center (SECC). The SPI is an adaptable model of excellence in software development and IT service management based on the Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI). Throw this program we adapted our development process to improve our system quality. Then we got the higher score for this program round.

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Our Latest Customers - Alpha Hospital

"We are pleased and honored that Alpha Hospital in Alexandria has contracted with CodeZone for the implementation of the Myelin medical system to manage hospitals and medical centers. We look forward to providing the necessary support to the hospital and its team to successfully implement the system

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