Smart Working Schedules for Employees

working schedules for employees have become smart with CodeZone solutions. dirct managers are no longer required to insert working schedules and spend a lot of time and effort. according to an algorithm that can insert working schedules automaticlly for employees and based on their actual signatures

Business Statement

It is well known that the basis for organizing work for employees, whether full-time or part-time, is the working schedule that is prepared through the direct managers or supervisors of the department. Without working schedule, there will be a severe conflict in the performance of the tasks assigned to each department of the organization Every member of the teamwork goes to the organization based on a pre-agreed date and time . The matter is not up to the employee or the work team member’s desire, but an planned schedule is prepared for each department or section, in which it accurately determines the planned and initial dates for the attendance or departure of workers Can you imagine the required efforts of direct managers to insert the working schedules for employees?


In this context, we have to There are two distinct types of working schedule The first type is the fixed schedules, where it is known fixedly without changing the dates of attendance and departure of the employee with the presence of a fixed weekly weekend . Examples of this are the working schedules of administration staff and financial department in some organizations The second type is the variable working schedules, which are schedules that are prepared on a weekly and variable basis. The employee may be required to attend in the morning on some days and on other days in the evening, with the change of his weekend from one week to another. The biggest example of this is the working schedules of nursing staff in hospitals or workers in factories The role of technology in this topic Most of the HR systems used in different organizations depend on the manual insertion of working schedules for employees, either on a fixed or variable basis, on the basis of which it is calculated whether the employee is present or absent - late for work or has overtime .... and so on But the responsibility of inserting such schedules in large organizations that contain a large number of workers and employees will not be easy . Where in some organizations , especially hospitals and factories, we find that the segment of workers with variable schedules may exceed 60% of the total workers, and therefore it will be the insertion of such schedules on the human resources system is a matter that costs a lot of time and effort to manage employees time in an orderly manner and calculate their salaries This is the main reason for which CodeZone has added a new and distinct feature to its HR System , which was called “smart working schedules” where the system will automatically and based on a specific algorithm deduce the changing operating schedules for employees based on their Sign In or Out and thus The insertion of working schedule manually on the system is no longer required, and this would save the time of department heads and human resources members by a percentage that may exceed 70% of their time allocated for this. ask about our new feature and save your time and effort