CodeZone solutions to the problems of wrong Signs by Employee in finger print

Have you faced the problem of having a huge amount of incorrect employee sign in /out so you can not review your attendance reports in the system? If you allocate one machine to sign in /out in the same time , you definitely need to read this article.

Business Statement

A large number or regular and irregular workers work in the organization, and the Human Resources Department faces a very big problem in counting attendance and departure signatures and extracting a final statement for attendance de to the fact that a large number of workers sign the attendance and departure machine without committing to specifying the type of attendance or departure movement, as you know, that the signature Attendance requires pressing the F1 key before inserting the employee's fingerprint and vice versa. Signing leaves requires pressing the F2 key. In view of the lack of commitment to this method, workers on the human resources system appear to have a non-small number of movements that require manual intervention on the system to modify the type of movement and extract accurate results this is, of course, with a large segment of workers that requires the allocation of times by those responsible for managing attendance and departure, which may reach more than 15% of the work time.


CodeZone has created a new method by building a specific algorithm that takes into account a lot of inputs such as: Arrival and departure time according to the Working schedule time of Employee Sign Maximum limits for late or early departure Time ranges before the beginning and end of the Working schedule And many other criteria On the basis of it, an automatic change of the type of movement was made to the correct position without the need for modification through the human resources official. Results: Thanks to God, and after trying the new feature on a large number of workers for a whole month, and under daily supervision and follow-up by the human resources officials of the client requesting this feature, an accuracy rate of 70% within the first two weeks was reached then, after making some improvements, a level of accuracy of 100% was reached, and the total operation was completed for a whole month. How to apply: The new feature is now available to all CodeZone customers by activating the automatic correction flag for attendance and departure movements on the attendance and departure rules setting page An important and influential step in the attendance and departure work cycle